Diana F+


The Diana F+ is a collaboration between designers Mauricio Affonso and David Quan. The concept explores the dichotomy between hand-made and mass produced objects. Just as analog photography creates a singular, one-of-a-kind result; analog-design could utilize mass production techniques to create one-of-a-kind products. The outcome of their experiment is a series of cameras; distinct representations of the iconic Diana F+ camera developed from a negative mold, using a variety of materials. Concrete, Bees Wax, Acrylic – each attempt has resulted in a unique and unpredictable incarnation of the Diana F+ camera, influenced by the qualities inherent to the materials themselves. David Quan and Mauricio Affonso believe that the resultant artifacts unmistakably symbolize the concept of “analog design.”

Special thank you to Briar Gorton from Lomography Canada.

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