GARLAND Coasters

GARLAND is a fun table décor accessory that is both beautiful and functional. This set of four silicone flowers protects surfaces from hot pots and pans as well as from drink spills and hot liquids. It can be used individually as coasters or joined together to form trivets of different shapes and sizes.

The organic floral design adds an attractive decorative element to the table setting with multiple configurations. The recessed flower detail on the center of the coaster will collect any moisture from glasses while its silicone material makes it durable and heat resistant, allowing it to be used as trivets.

______________________________________________________                                                                                                                           Material – Silicone
Dimensions – Each coaster is approximately 4" x 4"
Colors – Avocado, Prince Purple, Fuschia and White
Manufacturer – Umbra
Year – 2011

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