Glacier Candles

A poignant reminder of our ever-changing climate. Set of three unique floating candles made from naturally filtered white beeswax. Part of the Souvenir Shop collection - Motherbrand.

From Coast to Coast, Canada is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural resources, and is a great source of national pride for Canadians. Due to the global problem of climate change, some of Canada’s beautiful terrain has already experienced the effects of rising temperatures. Most of Northern Canada is covered by vast amounts of ice, stretching over most of Canada itself. The overwhelming presence of ice defines our country. Though climate change may go unnoticed by many, the melting of our magnificent Northern landscape and Glaciers will profoundly impact the natural environment and effect people, land and animals. Losing our ice represents losing our land and a great part of what defines Canada.

_______________________________________________                                                                                                              Material – Naturally filtered white beeswax
Dimensions –
Each candle is approximately 3" x 2 ½”
Type – Limited Edition [Ten pieces]

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